5 Best Android Emulators for PC

Android Emulators are a huge trend these days mainly because of gaming. Emulators tend to make games a little easier to play all the while making it more convenient for the user in many other ways. For instance, users don’t have to worry about battery life of their smartphones. Although this isn’t illegal in most games but sometimes it can give a certain unfair advantage to the users. However, most games do have their own system set in place to make sure that no unfair advantage is given.

Gaming isn’t the only use Emulators are useful. Sometimes these are used by developers to test apps for as many platforms as possible. Although Android Studio is used as default by developers these days, emulators such as Genymotion are quite good too for this purpose.

Today we are focusing on the best PC Android emulators for games

1. Bluestacks Android Emulator

This is the most common and probably the most widely used emulator to date. It has great support for a large number of games too. However, this emulator is a little bit on the bulkier side. It takes the most space out of all the other emulators on the list but the latest version has improved significantly over the old ones and is quite fluent.

Download Bluestacks here

2. Nox Player

This is similar to Bluestacks but much lighter taking almost half the space compared to Bluestacks. The UI is a bit on the darker side. It has options such as controller mapping and actual controller support too.

Download Nox Player here

3. MEmu Player

This one is another free Android emulators like the others. MEmu again supports most of the games with options to launch multiple instances of the game too. It has support for both AMD and Intel chipsets which is always good to see.

Download MEmu Player here.

4. KoPlayer

This is another emulator aimed at gamers mostly. Allows key-mapping with your keyboard and the ability to record what you’re doing. This is also free like most other emulators out there so worth a try.

Download KoPlayer here.

5. Remix OS Player

Here I’m not talking about the Remix OS (Operating System) but rather a player that runs in Windows built specifically for games rather then anything else. It has specific support for most of the popular games in probably the lightest option from all other emulators.

Download Remix OS Player here.

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