5 Reasons I wouldn’t suggest BBM messenger

Black Berry BMM Messenger launched for Android and iOs but didn’t fit in, Messenger apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger  are much user friendly interface, so let’s start from the beginning why BBM didn’t fit in.

Lets get Started about BBM Messenger 

1 ) When you Install

The Hurdles starts from there, once you install the app you sign up via email  and get SPOT IN LINE until you don’t get the email from blackberry, It may take upto 24 hours to 48 hours when you hear from black berry so don’t keep pushing your luck again and again.

2) When you Activate

Once you got the email and now you are ready to activate app, suddenly you find there aren’t any friend added, nor it goes through your phonebook to check how many already got BBM pin. you have to invite them old fashioned way. via SMS or Email !  this is 2013  Interesting.


Alright this is the best part when you get the PIN you don’t remember your own PIN alpha numerical combination which makes it difficult to remember, Seriously I was never a fan of Black Berry but I thought Black Berry gonna come up with something more spicy and interactive and  they’ve grown up with time but guess what I was absolutely wrong.

5) User Interface ( UI ) 

If you are using whatsapp or Facebook Messenger I am sure you wont not gonna like it, very outdated, these are touch screen Smartphone with keyboard pops up it covers half of the screen only the last message from your buddy you can see. didn’t impress at all.

INCPak Team Basit’s view about BMM 

My BBM experience in Android; When BBM was launched for Android I was so excited but then I faced so many problems before and after installation. One of those problems  that “my device wasn’t compatible with this version of BBM”. ( Qmobile Noir A8 ) I got the apk file from my friend and installed it. I saw an outdated theme. The invitation procedure is also not very good, first you will invite a person to which you want to chat and then that person will send back a invitation to you from his BBM. Conclusion; Whatsapp is a way better choice as compared to BBM, whatsapp is faster and easier to use.

Verdict Basit wonna say it’s simply old fashioned out dated and unappealing, I mean who would want to wait once you install ?  get an email blah blah blah blah, pointless if you guys are using Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger you don’t need to add another useless app until and unless most of your friends got out dated black berry phones.

I have uninstalled the app and decided not to keep BMM for next decade until they come up with something solid good and interesting.

Beside all we have less friends and more messengers !!   Come on isn’t it true.

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