60 Android KitKat 4.4 features and review

INCPak Clinic Facebook  Member Ahsan Khan  shared from some Adroid group about Android KitKat  4.4 features and review – we are giving high priority to share and spread awareness, that’s what INCPak been doing since almost a year now, filling the gaps and cracks.

Tells start step by step so you get to know what is Android KitKat  4.4 ?

Android KitKat

What is Android KitKat  4.4 ?

Android 4.4 is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. The first phone it features in is the Google Nexus 5. 

Android KitKat  4.4 – Interface

New features win most of the spotlight in any Android update, but one of the most important changes in Android 4.4 KitKat is its new approach to interface design.

The software doesn’t look radically different, but there are some quite fundamental, important alterations. The line that used to separate the shortcut icon dock from the rest of the home screen has disappeared, and so have the apps/widgets tabs in the apps menu.

It may sound trivial, but makes Android 4.4 much simpler, visually, than Android 4.3. And this change has clearly been made following some careful thought about how people actually use the system.

Ahsan Khan shared some useful information which is ( M.U.S.T ) to share with you all about the features and specification. 

Android KitKat  4.4 Specifications

1.Screen Recording
2.Tap to Pay {Google Wallet for everyone}
3.NFC emulation for non nfc devices
4.14% less memory usage
5.Minimum Ram required is 512mb
6.chrome, youtube takes 12%less memory
7.cloud printing from Gallery {Print your
photos directly to ur home Printer}
8.Webview is Now Chromium
9.Google Home is the new Launcher
10.New ‘Google Home’ works only with
Google Search app installed
11.Core System Processes Trimmed
12.Apps are efficient and responsive on all
13.The all new ‘procstats tool details’
memory use
14.Payments without needing Secure
15.Printer manufacturers can use new
APIs to develop their own print services
16.A new storage access framework allows
browse all document storage providers.
17.ART runtime compile support along
with dalvik VM {faster runtime}
18.Dalvik JIT code cache tuning, kernel
samepage merging (KSM), swap to zRAM
19.Use less heap,Aggressively protect
system memory from apps
20.When multiple services start at once —
Android now launches the services serially
21.hardware sensor batching
22.Step Detector and Step Counter
23.shared SMS provider and new APIs
24.Full-screen Immersive mode
25.Transitions framework for animating
scenes {animate changes to your UI on the
26.Translucent system UI styling
27.Enhanced notification access
28.seamless change in resolution during
media playback
29.Common Encryption for protected
30.HTTP Live Streaming
31.Audio Tunneling to DSP dramatically
improve battery life
32.Nexus 5 offers a total off-network audio
playback time of up to 60 hours
33.Audio monitoring peak and RMS levels
of any currently playing audio
34.Loudness enhancer increase the
loudness of spoken content
35.Audio timestamps for improved AV
36.Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast
37.RenderScript Compute improves
Ongoing performance
38.RenderScript in the Android NDK
39.GPU acceleration for any apps using
render script
40.GLES2.0 SurfaceFlinger
41.New HWComposer 1.3 support for
virtual displays
42.Bluetooth HID over GATT (HOGP)
43.Bluetooth MAP support
44.built-in IR blasters, along with a new
API and system service
46.Wi-Fi TDLS support seamless way to
stream media in same wifi network
47.System-wide settings for closed
captioning { appscan show captions}
48.SELinux (enforcing mode)
49.Improved cryptographic algorithms
50.Designed to run fast, smooth, and
responsively on a much broader range of
devices than ever before
51.Phone dialer got local business
52.Smart caller ID
53.SMS support for Hangout
54.Emoji support on Google keyboard
55.Redigned Quickoffice
56.100gb Google drive Storage Coming
57.Updated Google Apps
58.Faster smoother,brilliant google voice
59.swipe left for Google now on Google
60.Full Screen AlbumArt on lockscreen
61.Best Android YET.

Verdict about Android KitKat  4.4 by  Ahsan Khan 14 percent less memory usage. brace yourself for another era of low end devices  . minimum ram requirement 512 MB

Now most of the Q users are asking on Forum / Clinic / Sharing Is Caring Page about Upgrading Qphones to Android KitKat  4.4  well yet I cannot say anything about it but don’t be hopeless, we’ll figure it out if there is any possible way surely nail it ! like we nailed Jelly Bean turning it into Pakistani version Jalay Bii  !!!

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