A unique digital pen points out spelling errors with a subtle vibration to help kids (and adults) acquire better writing skills!

Spellcheck can be pretty frustrating, but it’s become an invaluable feature in word-processing programs. For jotting down notes with a pen, though, people just have to take their lumps. Or, rather, they did; a new project on Kickstarter, created by two German dads, hopes to improve spelling around the world by alerting scribes whenever they make an error.

2 Primary Function:

1. Orthography Mode – to recognize spelling errors
– for writing starters (5-8 yrs) + everyone (7-99 years)

2. Calligraphy Mode– to point out flaws of form and legibility
– for writing starters 5-8 yrs (7-99 yrs in Asia)

Using a motion sensor that combines a gyroscope with an accelerometer, the Lernstift smart pen will be able to capture and monitor the user’s handwriting, vibrating whenever a word is spelled incorrectly. The pen was conceived by co-creator Falk Wolsky’s wife, who hit upon the idea after helping her son with his homework.


  • The computer inside Lernstift is an embedded Linux system
  • The board contains motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module.
  • the sensor delivers a resolution of ~400 dpi at 200 Hz.
  • The selected embedded hardware (ARM processor, 128 MB RAM) performs at the perfect speed
  • Recognition speed for block handwriting at 20 ms per character!
  • Upon launch, Lernstift will be available in English and German. As soon as we can, we will roll out more languages: RussianSpanishFrenchItalian, etc.

First picture is a Prototype.



  1. Such a magnificent technology has been used on this pen! Can you believe that when you will make a mistake at that time this pen will vibrate that you are making a mistake. So it's really an amazing pen all over the world and definitely I will give thanks people especially those who are related with preparing this pen and definitely I will use this pen if I get enough money to buy this pen. Thanks for this superb invention.


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