Advertising Trends to Look Out for in 2019

The digital world that we live in means that business owners must be on the ball to keep ahead of trends and patterns that emerge in response to innovations,especially when it comes to marketing their business. To give you a head start,here are three advertising trends to look out for in 2019.

1.   Artificial and virtual reality (AR and VR)

Thekey to successful advertising is the art of story telling, and in 2019 AR and VR are going to heavily influence the world of advertising. AR and VR are set to revolutionize advertising, and with an expected global revenue of $140 billion by 2020, 2019 is going to see AR and VRboom.

Artificial and virtual reality provide the opportunity for The the digital user experience. Prospective customers will be able to your business through a more immersive form of storytelling both pique their interest and boost sales. Stores such as Ikea have already introduced AR into their Ikea Place app whichenables users to virtually place items into their homes.

The question is no longer should you introduce AR and VR into your advertisingstable, but rather how. A Full Service Marketing Agency willadvise you how to incorporate AR and VR into your advertising campaign.

2.   Micro-influencers

A micro-influencer is somebody who has a greater than average impact on consumers. They are passionate and knowledgeable about their core interests and are considered expert by their followers. They can explain how your product works or even alternative uses for it in a way that their audience understands and responds to.

Micro-influencersare the contemporary version of a celebrity endorsement, and if you can harnessthe support of a micro-influencer, your business will certainly benefit.However, knowing which micro-influencers will build on your brand’s reputation is key, and you need to research thoroughly to ensure that their philosophies and ethics compliment and align with those of your business.

3.   Voice search

Voice-enabled search is on the rise. You need to adapt and review your current advertising strategy so that it is ready to respond to voice search. When people make voice searches, they use longer phrases than when they have to input text into a search bar, so its vital that you provide answers to queries – no matter what mode they use to access information about your business.

Foryour business to succeed with voice search, you need to incorporate this newform of communication into your advertising strategy. It’s more conversational than your current content probably is, so you will need to review your content to align it better with this communication preference.

Marketing your business is never a one-stop shop. You need to be responsive toinnovations and advances in technology to optimize the effects of youradvertising strategies. By doing so, you will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and achieve your business goals while providing your customers and clients with an enhanced user experience.

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