AI Security Camera Spot Shoplifters Before They Steal Anything

JAPAN: Dozens of shops across Tokyo are using AI Security Camera to spot any potential shoplifter before they actually steal any thing.

The dystopian tool  recognizes the potential thieves by detecting their unusual facial expressions or their moves.

Japan is using this AI Security Cameras to identify the shoplifters before they pick any thing.

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This spy gadget is able to detect and identify any unusual and restless behaviors and send alert the staff by sending message through smartphone app.

These AI Security cameras are picking out potential shoplifters in Japan. These cameras can also distinguish gender, age, average spending as well as average time spent shopping in the store.

As soon as the alert is sent the employees can approach the potential thief and ask if they can help them out with their shopping. It is a simple tactic to stop any expected shoplifting.

The AI camera was built by engineers at a Japanese startup Vaak.

Vaak founder Ryo Tanaka is of an opinion that the technology will take them closer to the society where crime can be prevented through AI.

The system can also be loaded into existing cameras.

The system is designed to detect the crime before it takes place and also when it takes place.


The AI camera has the software and other AI tech to track the movements.

It can log the gender, estimated age, items, etc.

The camera can also detect suspicious movements.

Can also detect nervous body language.

It can detect the necessary signs that someone may be about to shoplift.

Staff are alerted if the the Vaak System gives an individual a suspicious rating.

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Success Story

The system successfully tracked down a shoplifter in Yokohama covenience store.

Firm is ready to sell the system to other retailers.

Those already using the system cannot be disclosed due to security reasons.

Dangers of AI Surveillance.

AI surveillance system is not free of it’s dangers as warned by security experts.

Researchers at Stanford University has warned of the dangers of AI surveillance. In a 2016 report it was warned there is a risk that AI surveillance cameras may accidentally accuse innocent people of crimes which they did not commit.

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