[APP][4.0.4] Sunbeam LWP for Android ICS

Hello people you just saw the Sunbeam LWP  Android Jelly Bean 4.3! And Specificaly The Orange LWP ! It looks quite beautiful! What do u think? would you guys Love that on your ICS devices? I can predict Quite a Lot of Yeses ;)

Don’t worry fellas we’ll mod entire Jelly Bean 4.3 lolx – That’s mission Impossible but the thing is what is possible will do my best to make it accessible for ICS users, this one perfectly fitted and looks awesome, check out the screen shots below –

The Orange LWP is Called ” Sunbeam”! I have tried some of those Sunbeam apps but they didnt really work ! So i Moded The Stock Phase beam From ICS and it looks Just The Same.

Download APK


[Root Required]
1. Go to system/apps using any root browser
2. Delete Phasebeam app
3. Reboot
4. Install normally

5. Enjoy Sunbeam

INCPak constantly making things possible for all, and yes we are sharing with everyone for free so, expect the expected when it comes to development – we are one fine team of professionals – those who are constantly giving tough time to our rivals and providing the best of the best to the people like we say ” EMPOWERING YOUTH ”  Yes.

In Future you will find more MODs and we are ready to hear from you regarding our development and idea which you like to share.

SUNBEAM on iMjelly v2 – Noir A6


Sunbeam LWP in Qmobile Noir A8 ICS

 I am sure you have already checked IMjelly V2 Teaser, if not roll on and check it out – will be posting more don’t forget to bookmark :)

Credits  INCPak Team :-

Muhammad Shahrom Ali – INCPak Android Developer 

Farhan Imaan  –  INCPak CEO

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