Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about Android, privacy and innovation

Apple’s CEO was present at the recent Dreamforce 2019 event that was hosted by the software giant Salesforce. This is an annual event hosted by the company. Apple CEO Tim Cook was present at the event and talked about privacy and also made a crack about Android phones.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple’s CEO – Tim Cook

At the event Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about a lot of things including artificial intelligence, the environment and even “data privacy” which is a sensitive topic these days when it comes to these tech giants with the whole Anti-trust investigations being launched into these companies. He also went on to talk about Apple’s secret to innovation.

Cook sat down with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and talked about privacy and how it was a fundamental right of everyone and something that should be the center of a products design and what products should be made around.

Tim Cook said:

You don’t bolt on privacy,

You think about it in the developmental process of the products. You can see what happens when companies wake up one day and decide they’re going to do something privacy-wise. You just don’t do it. You have to design it in.

Tim Cook also talked about Apple’s innovation saying:

So many people confuse innovation with change and they become convinced that innovation is just change, but we (referring to Benioff and himself) and out companies recognize that innovation is about making things better, not just changing them. That requires a depth of thought beyond change. That’s Apple secret,

Tim Cook did make a joke about Android and this won’t be the first time he did something like this and has been seen dissing Google and even Facebook before too.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at the event asked the audience about who owned an Android phone and then joked about it and said:

If you have an Android, we do recycle those at the Apple Store.

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