Apple lightning connector might be replaced with Type-C

The Apple lightning connector has been there since 2012 when it was first introduced in the iPhone 5 to replace the previous 30 pin dock connector.

apple lightning connector iphone ipad type-C
Apple’s lightning connector.
Photo: Flickr – randychiu

The lightning connector is used in many devices like the iPhone, iPad and most of Apple’s accessories like the AirPods charging case, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and even the Beats X earphones.

The lightning connector however might be coming to an end and pretty soon could be replaced with the USD Type-C connector which is the new standard across most non-Apple devices.

According to a report by MacRumors, the European Union might force Apple to ditch its lightning connector since lawmakers over there are looking into making it mandatory for all smartphones and portable devices like tablets to have the same connector to make it more convenient for the user.

Apple did say last year that forcing tech companies to have the same port is basically “freezing innovation”.

If this law is passed by the European Parliament, it will force all companies operating in the region to switch to Type-C or Micro-USB which are the two proposed options.

However, its doubtful that they will decide over micro-USB to be the standard as it’s now getting obsolete and USB Type-C is newer standard that companies are moving towards. Not only does it enable devices to charge faster but also transfer data at much higher speeds.

The decision will be made after a vote which is scheduled to take place soon. However, there is a small change that the Parliament members end up voting for a voluntary approach which might not make a difference as companies like Apple would just end up ignoring it.

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