What Is The Best Secure Email in 2020?

Email is a tool for exchanging information for many people. But its mass use attracts hunters for other people’s secrets. Therefore, it makes you think seriously about ensuring the security of personal correspondence.

Since all solutions have been standardized for a long time, it is not an exaggeration to say that the security of email is 90 percent dependent on the user, his choice of solutions and discipline when following simple security rules.

The first step is to select the provider that give you the reliable mailbox. If your Internet provider does not offer the mailbox, then there is a huge selection of free solutions. But what is the best secure email in 2020? Let’s figure it out!

What Is The Best Secure Email in 2020?
What Is The Best Secure Email in 2020?

The Best Secure Email: Protected Ways


Utopia is a unique ecosystem that implements all the necessary functions for work. It has a built-in instant messenger, confidential email, anonymous browser, e-wallet and mining bot. Here, the user gets everything they need in one place and can use it at the same time thanks to Hybrid Mode.

This decentralized system is implemented on peer-to-peer architecture. Utopia uses uNS technology to transmit data within the ecosystem.

All data on each user’s server is encrypted with a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. This method reliably stores and protects data from leakage and hacking.

Registration and further use of the ecosystem are anonymous. Instead, it generates a private key consisting of an infinite number of characters that cannot be hacked.


The service was launched in 2013. ProtonMail has built-in end-to-end encryption to protect your correspondence. PGP encryption via javascript is used. The service is based in Switzerland and its open code is available within the network.

ProtonMail does not ask for any personal data during registration. You are required to choose a name for the mail and specify a password that will be used to encrypt messages. An optional field is an additional email address. Thanks to such feature, you can restore your password.

During the registration process, encryption keys are generated, and in the end, a captcha appears to verify your humanity.


SecureGmail is a plugin that offers symmetric encryption, meaning that each secret message is encrypted with a password that both the sender and the recipient must know. Such an encryption system can be used with full trust between all its participants. Besides, when the number of participants increases, you will have to increase the number of keys.

You can encrypt all messages with a single password that all three recipients will know. But this is not correct. It is correct to create separate keys (passwords) for each of the recipients. When there are three of them, it will not be a problem. Therefore, this encryption system is convenient when exchanging email with a small group of recipients. It works only with Chrome. Open source code published.


Data centers are located in Norway, which guarantees the non-disclosure of personal data by the service. It is an excellent choice if you work with confidential documents and information.

It has basic requirements for an excellent email service. There is a wide range of functions and a convenient interface. Moreover, it provides high security and privacy measures within the network.

It ensures a security availability of virus protection and data protection from spam. There is a function of the availability of effective spam filters. Moreover, it works in a user-friendly interface with a convenient control panel, attractive design, accessibility and visibility of advanced options.


Unisender is a simple and transparent service for email. It is an ideal variant for small and medium-sized businesses: online stores, services, manufacturing, and educational projects.

The first email can be created and sent in 15 minutes. Everything is fast and convenient. The service is well suited for companies that want to start selling via email without having to worry about setting up complex trigger mailings. Support responds quickly and around the clock.

The service securely encrypts every sent and received a message within the network. For this, It uses complex AES encryption.

Unisender has an intuitive interface that even a beginner can understand and a highly protected secure storage of the contact database.

In this article, we reviewed 5 postal services. Some are better, some are worse, but all of them are reliable and verified emails with a million audience. If you need an email, you can choose any from them!

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