How to change the screen lock on your Android Phone ?

Bored watching the same screen lock daily ?  Android allows you to have variety! You can use an Android Phone almost any way you want. This is true in terms of the kind of Applications we can use on Android and the way we can make the user interface look. Ya, if you go the Android Way, you do not have to stick to a pattern your gadget maker asks you.

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Ya, you can change the way the User Interface looks and behaves if you are using Android. You can make it look like an iPhone. You can put the new Windows Phone interface on you Android Phone. There are hundreds of themes and user interfaces available for Android.

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Till now, making your User Interface look the best possible way you wanted it to was limited to what you saw on the screen after you woke the screen up from sleep mode. There was nothing much we could do about Android’s lock screen. It used to be that boring slide to open screenlock or a pattern or pin . Pretty boring same, after the first few months. How we wished we could change the lock screen on Android!

Now, is there some way we can play around and change the way the lock screen of our Android Phone looks? Yes, you have a way to change the Android Phone lock screen without having to root it. They call it, MagicLocker! You can download MagicLocker from here

Download the main MagicLocker application first. It allows you to download different kinds of Android Screen Locks and use them on your phone as you wish. Now you can make your phone open like an iPhone or a Windows Phone or you name what ever style you like! You want to try the Honeycomb Lock screen on a Gingerbread phone or Froyo phone? Go ahead and download MagicLocker. And download any theme you like!

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