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Most of the users are not aware of the secret Chat rooms on Facebook pages they like, however ChatNow access directly to those chat rooms and also give the boost to the pages admin to interact with members.


Now you can log in to your Facebook account and chat with various Facebook page admins and users.
You can entertain queries, give comments feedback, invite your friends to the chat room or create your own chat room. Page admins can answer all questions , record feedback and all.

ChatNow facilitates communication with page admins without the hassle of inboxing your messages and waiting for response!

To add your Facebook chat room to ChatNow contact the developer.

Feel free to add your comments/suggestions/feedback — Bring your ideas to our knowledge we can bring your ideas to life :)


Page members can access the chat via PC but before this app it was impossible to access from the smartphones now you can easily access the chat room and chat with the members directly from your phones. Not only that you can also invite your friends from your friends list to join you.


It’s Free

BotCubix and INCPak Joint venture, ChatNow app makes it easier and made it possible to interact on social site’s pages directly ! Najia Khurshid who worked on it single handed right after she grabbed the concept, currently this app is BETA test version, it will be updated as the users will suggest and mention the changes they want in this app  but until then Download this app its for free and share your comments on Google play store or here on INCPak site so she can update the app as required by the users.

– INCPak – Sharing Is Caring Chat Room / BotCubix Room is there

Page Admins those who want to submit their links in this app, can contact the developer directly on the given links in the app along with URL of the chat page, since this chat allows not only members but specially the admins to interact with the users.

Google Play Store URL :  CHAT NOW 

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