China: LinkSure Network to Provide Free WiFi Services Globally

CHINA: Chinese internet technology firm LinkSure Networks has plans to provide free WiFi Services Globally. By 2026 the company would havelaunched 272 satellites. The only aim is to provide free WiFI servicesworldwide.

There are other tech giant companies who have already launched similar plans, included in them are Google, SpaceX, OneWeb and Telesat.

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China Daily has reported on Thursday:

  • The satellite will be launched from  Jiuquan LaunchCenter located in Northwest China’s Gansu Province.
  • Satellite will be launched next year.
  • By the year 2020, 10 satellites will be floating inspace.
  • By 2026 the constellation will have 272 satellites.

It is reported that people can search and use internet services from constellation through their mobile phones.  Internet can be easily browses even iftelecom network does not cover the area.

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CEO of LinkSure Wang Jingyin has said the company is ready to invest 3 billion yuan (USD 431.4 million). She also hopes the company could earn in future.

According to the UN report by the end of 2017 3.9 billion people were still not connected to the internet.

Satellite constellation will serve as an alternate to those area where telecom networks cannot reach.

 Also China isbuilding the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), stated to be rival tothe US’ Global Positioning System (GPS).

LinkSure Network was founded in Shanghai in 2013. It markets itself as a global innovative mobile internet company specializing in free internet access, content and location-based services on its official website.

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