Control Screen time with Apple’s new Tools

New York: How much screening time do you devote yourself with daily? Have you ever noticed or do you think you need to cut it down a bit? Too much screening time is not healthy for both adults and kids. Now you can control screen time with Apple’s new tools. Yes, you can control both yours and your children screen time.

Apple and Google have come up with tools to help you spend less time on your phones. We all tempted to check our phone even after bedtime and time fly without any notice.

Apple and Google new tools are meant for managing screen time. It will let you see how often you have picked up your phone after bedtime. The tools will also let you see how long you have been on Instagram and at what time.

With Apple’s tool, you can also control the time spent on your kids on their devices. Isn’t that great?

Apple’s tools launch Tuesday as part of free iOS 12 software update for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Google’s control tools are being tested on its Pixel-branded Android phones.


Control Screen time with Apple’s new Tools
Control Screen time with Apple’s new Tools

FOR Children

You can use your iPhone to check when your children are on their devices after you have set up Apple’s new control for kids on their devices. You can also monitor the apps or websites they are using. You will also be able to restrict particular apps or even set up the time to shut down apps.

Downtime Feature: It only lets you choose a single block of time. If you are blocking late-night, then it cannot be separated downtime for school hours. Selection applies seven days a week, that means separate time for weekdays has to be managed manually.

Screen time Feature: Use this feature to manage the time limit for the use of apps categories such as entertainment, games, etc. Screen time feature lets you select separate time limits for different days (weekends).

Apps icons go dark without giving notifications when it runs out of time.

Kids can ask for extra time with a few apps, it can be ignored or declined.


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Adults can set up their own same limits as were for the kids by themselves. The problem here is you have all your controls in your hands so don’t get carried away.

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