Double Whatsapp Trick Instruction + Download

Double Whatsapp  sounds like Mission Impossible well back in year 2000  dual SIMs phones were fictional as well but nothing is impossible, if you want to run double Whatsapp Account at a time in your Smartphone or Tablet  It’s possible.

Which means 2 different numbers can work simultaneously on the same device Interesting thing is both Rooted /Non rooted devices are supportive for the method we are sharing over here.
All you need to do is follow the trick !

Here we go ….
1) Please make sure you are already using Original whatsapp in your phone .
2) Now uninstalled your whatsapp but don’t delete the data from your SD Card .
3) Now Open ur SD card & find folder for “Whatsapp” .
4) Change the folder name from Whatsapp to OGWhatsapp.
5) Download the OGWHATSAPP from provided link .
6) Open Ogwhatsapp & feed your same Phone Number as its was on Whatsapp.
7) Click next & it will automatically restore your number and data on OGwhatsapp .
8) Now for 2nd number , just download Whatsapp from Google playstore and register your another number.


Double Whatsapp Download APK

Nothing is impossible, still the innovation is underway Android is growing up and possibilities turning things into reality once which we imagined, This one really interesting for those who wants to avail 2 different numbers in my words I call them  ” Whatsapp Geeks ”  but watch out you might not end up screaming :D  ” Sending wrong text to someone who really DONT WANT TOO …

Credits :-

Fahim Shaikh                  Post + Download APK

Farhan Imaan                 Post edit and Publishing

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