Emoji reactions introduced to Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter, the microblogging platform has just rolled out a new feature for all its user on the web and both iOS and Android apps. The new feature is the emoji reactions that will now be included in Twitter Direct Messages.

Twitter Emoji Reactions

Twitter Support made a tweet about the new Emoji reactions feature after it was rolled out saying:

Say more with new emoji reactions for Direct Messages,

To add a reaction, click the icon that appears when you hover over the message on Web or double tap the message on mobile and select an emoji from the pop-up,

This Emoji reactions feature by Twitter is similar to what Facebook has been using in its Messenger app and even on their social platform.

Its been a few years since Facebook has had this feature. It was first introduced to its Messenger app in 2017. Twitter is just now introducing the feature.

For now though, this Twitter feature is only available for Direct Messages and there is currently no news weather it will be added as an option to react to actual tweets.

Coming to other Twitter news, the platform had a bug in the its Android app version that was rolled out two days ago causing the app to crash on launch.

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Twitter made a tweet about the issue asking users to hold off from updating the app until a fix was issued for the bug. Many users disabled updates for the app waiting for the fix.

For those who are holding off from updating the app, it is now safe to update to the latest version as a fix was issued hours after it came to the attention of Twitter.

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