ExyPhone iOs 8.0.2 Rom For QMobile A900

ExyPhone iOs 8.0.2 Rom For QMobile A900  – Here we go! In collaboration with INCPAK’s whole team I present you a pure iOS  8 UI based ROM for QMobile A900. The totally new iOS functions are added and very attractive UI is designed. The most greatest thing is that this ROM is based upon original KitKat i.e 4.4.2.

I tried my best to make it as natural as I could. But however you find any bug or problem just post it in commenting section.

Rom Name: ExyPhone
Version: 1.0Build: -beta3


ExyPhone iOs 8.0.2 Rom For QMobile A900 

[sc:Adban2 ]

ExyPhone iOs 8.0.2 Rom For QMobile A900


1.Pure KitKat Based 4.4.2

2.Complete iOS 8.0.2 UI

3.Bug Less

4.Smooth in using

5.Complete init.d support

6.BusyBox Pre-installed


8.FaceTime supported

9.iOS Stock Camera

10.iOS Stock Music

11.iOS Stock Dialer
12.iOS Stock Gallery
13.iOS Stock LockScreen
14.Super User Integrated to settings
15.Viper4Android FX Pre Installed
17.Zipalligned For RAM Optimization
18.500+ MB RAM Free
19.Battery Tweaked
20.RAM Cleaner Added
21.Pre Tested Too
22.And Much More Cool Features Added
Hope You Will Enjoy This Pure iOS Experience on Your Android Device…. :)

Note: Do not forget to backup your IMEI through Mobile Uncle Tools.In case you get INVALID IMEI so you can again restore it through Mobile Uncle Tools.


Download Link


Installation Instructions:

Note: I am not responsible if you somehow mess up with your phone. I dont provide any guarantee if you dont follow proper step by step installation procedure. So follow all steps carefully and never skip any step.

  1. Download the file from the given link above.
  2. To Flash this file your Noir A900 must be rooted and have custom recovery first. If your phone is not rooted kindly refer to this post for rooting procedure and installing customrecovery:http://www.incpak.com/tech/qmobile-a900-root-method-and-custom-recovery/
  3. Now place the downloaded files (ExyPhone iOs 8 mtkdevil signed.zip) in your sdcard
  4. Turn off your phone
  5. Go into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume UP + Power key at the same time
  6. First make a BACKUP of your current ROM so if you mess up somewhere you can go back to your old ROM
  7. Select backup and restore and then select backup .Wait for few minutes untill it completes.
  8. Now go back and Select Wipe/Data Factory Reset
  9. Now Select Wipe Cache Partition
  10. Now go to Advanced and select Wipe Dalvik Cache
  11. Go back to the main menu of recovery mode
  12. Now select Install zip from SDCARD
  13. Choose the file  “ExyPhone iOs 8 mtkdevil signed.zip”
  14. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the ROM to flash completely.
  15. It will automatically reboot your Phone.
  16. Your new iOs8 ROM is ready to be used :)


Whole INCPAK Team Farhan Imaan Bro (For Providing Such a Great Platform)
SmileToLife For Base ROM :’)
XDA Forum…….

Port By: Hasan Bhatti (mtkdevil)


  1. Please help me sir .. Everything fine but there are 4 rows (horizontal ) which gives a very bad look. How can i change it to 5 rows (like shown in ur screenshots)??

    1. Enable assestv touch from setting>general>acesibility>assitive touch . Then from assesitive button go and click PHONE THEN “multitask”

      Hope u got it bro :)

    1. bro . Plz help me and guide How many lines(horizontal) u have in ur phone homescreen ?

        1. Bro can u plz confirm me.. Five from up to fown total or 5 in desktop and one dock seperate (which makes 6 in total from top yo botom )

  2. WoW
    Super ROM

    I found a blog that has many ROMs for this phone.
    Am I allowed to put the link?

    sorry for my bad english

      1. Write on google “Allview v1 rom blogspot” and then click on the images, after screenshoot of the rom.

      2. Search to google ”Allview v1 rom blogspot” and click on the fourth.
        Address is name of phone ”Allview v1” then ” .blogspot ”

  3. only problem is dual SIM is not supported pls do something for dual sim, rest of the things are fine

    1. Dear sohail plz delete this plz iam giving u original htc one m8 kitkat rom with no bugs

  4. Yarr koi achi si rom banaw ye b kiacrom ha fazool hain alot of bugs inside friends please dont flash it will eat ur brains

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