Facebook Finally Allows You to Edit Posts On Android – Coming to iOS Soon!

One of the most frustrating aspects of Facebook is finally being remedied. The social network is rolling out the ability to edit posts after the fact, saving us all from auto correct nightmares!

We’ve all been there, laboriously composing a long-winded rant or poignant observation, only to get a barrage of LOLs at the word “ducking”. Now you can save yourself some of the pain, and the sophie’s choice of whether to let it stay, delete it or – worst of all – rewrite the whole thing. With the new update, you can simply edit the post and make a change.

Facebook has allowed the editing of comments for some time now, so it’s always been a head scratcher that the social network did not extend the same convenience to posts. I think we can all join together to say “thanks!”, followed by “It’s about time!”.

The update is rolling out to some folks on the web and the Android app is receiving its update today. The Android app will also add emotion and activity sharing, events at a glance, and photo album creation in this update. No date was given but the update is said to be coming to iOS device soon.



Source: verge

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