Facebook employees stage virtual walkout over Donald Trump’s posts

Several Facebook employees staged a virtual walkout on Monday in protest of the company and Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to not take action against come controversial posts from President Donald Trump.

Facebook employees Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook employees stage virtual walkout over Donald Trump’s posts and Zuckerberg’s decision to not do anything about them.

Facebook employees decided to walk out after a series of controversial posts by President Trump over the ongoing situation and protests over the death of George Floyd. One such post by Trump included a message saying, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” which threatened violence against protesters.

The management of Facebook was against taking action regarding the posts when in fact Twitter determined that the same post went against its rules and guidelines against the inciting violence and the platform took action against the tweet.

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Mark Zuckerberg has been against fact checking posts by politicians as he has said that people should be able to see the posts and later decide themselves on what to believe.

However, the Head of Design at Facebook Andrew Crow was against the decision by Mark Zuckerberg regarding this decision and tweeted saying that he will be working to make change happen.

Another Facebook employee also tweeted saying that he was also against the decision by Mark Zuckerberg regarding the matter and that he wasn’t alone inside Facebook who felt that way.

Katie Zhu who is an employee of the Facebook owned Instagram also tweeted about the disappointment in the company over these decisions.

However, this only makes a small portion of employees in Facebook who are speaking up against the company’s decision but it does put Facebook in a tight position.

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