Facebook to block adult content for minors

Facebook, the social media giant will soon be implementing a policy that will block sexual content for minors below the age of 18 using their social media platforms Facebook and also Instagram. This adult content that will be blocked will include any form of art depicting sexual activity including sexually suggestive photos and suggestive advertisements.

This is a new policy that they will be implementing and they say that it will help them “age-gate” such content of a sexual nature from minors. This won’t however affect adults using the platforms and all such content will remain visible to adults. These new policies will start taking place in the coming year.

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Facebook and Instagram new policies to curb sexual content.

According to a report by Telegraph, feedback from sex educators suggests that explicitly educational content of a sexual nature will not be affected even in the case of minors.

These changes will not be affecting any existing policies that Facebook has for it’s platforms including Instagram to help block such sexual content their social media site.

However, this move does somewhat seems ineffective since it will only work for those who are using Facebook and Instagram based on their real age. The content will not be visible to those minors but for everyone using a fake date of birth to sign up to these social media services will still be able to view all of this sexual content that Facebook aims to block.

Currently there are no verification for age and the user can put any date of birth he or she wishes. Facebook has no way of knowing that the user is telling his or her real age or a made up number. For this policy to actually work, Facebook needs to come up with a new form of age verification where it can be sure of the person’s age. However, we do not see that happening anytime soon.

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