Facebook working on flipboard style news reader !

Facebook the one of the biggest social network planning to change facebook looks, and make it look like the flipboard news style reader. The details are not fully revealed yet but the app will be called “Facebook reader”. According to WSJ reports Facebook is Reader app is said to be under development for more than a year.

While most other details of the rumored project aren’t available, it’s reportedly important enough that Mark Zuckerberg is closely involved. The company isn’t commenting on its plans, but there’s reason to believe that Reader is more than just idle speculation: Facebook recently added hashtag support as a “first step” toward helping users track topics.

Previously Facebook added some more new features other than hashtag like the adding pictures in the comment box that a very cool feature but only available for PC users, not for facebook mobile app but the picture can be added using smartphone browser . You can add picture in comments by clicking on camera image in comment box.



Other than that, the new news feed style roll out few weeks back.

facebook news feedfacebook 222


How To Get The New Facebook News Feed

So, you’ve read about the new look for Facebook’s news feed and want to try it yourself? Here’s how

To do that, and use the “Try the new look” button:



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