This blog claimed that they designed JellyBean custom Rom for A8 but that tuned out to be fake, probably a cheap stunt for getting undeserved attention.  When that zip is flashed through CWMR it give a message of “installation aborted” error.
When I examined that flashable zip file i found out that it was incomplete because it’s missing META-INF folder.


It means this zip doesn’t have an updater script which is responsible for updating the system files. Updater-script file is unique for every rom. You just can’t just use this from any other rom.
Following were links of that blog that blog and rom. Now they have deleted from both their blog and facebook page.  Atleast they should’ve apologized for wasting time of others.!download|646p2|2937587049||221042|0|0|Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)

First they claimed:
” I have made a Jelly Bean Rom for Noir A8. The rom has been made successfully.”

But when people complained about this error. Then they said:
“No its not my work. So random pakistani developer messaged me the rom and installation method.”

Why you were deceiving people in first place when this was originally not your work?

We at INCPak will never provide you with any untested custom rom or app. If that ROM is in beta stage then we will inform you in advance about its problems and potential risks. We care about the credibility of INCPak. That’s why no cheap tricks or any kind of no untested stuff is uploaded/shared here.



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