Fake News went viral Oppo Smartphone exploded !

Lots of groups and pages sharing Fake news of oppo smartphone exploded images along with the victims image bleeding, Viral on Social media without any check and balance.

14681659_539683929568254_7298156093503210817_nFake News went viral last week on social media and everyone tagging each other thanking God for not buying Oppo Smartphones, A simple rule of ‘what you see is what you get’ applies here, unfortunately people believe and buy every single story on Social media.

The Oppo Smartphone images shows clearly, there’s no sign of explosion¬†and the person’s image shared from Hyderabad, India 2013 news – Technically rivalry plays the role here, obviously someone wanted to damage Oppo Smartphones image on social media.

after Samsung Note 7 and iPhone 7 explosion people are scared and they should be because these smartphones are banned by higher authorities and considered as an explosive device.

This news is totally fake and shared to degrade Oppo Smartphones.








Strangely Glass protector remains unharmed by the explosion -_- seriously who ever came up with this non sense should’ve burnt the smartphone before making it viral.




Screenshot of the actual news



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