Flappy Bird will be brought back soon !

Flappy Bird

Any individual who passed up a great opportunity for Flappy Bird the first run through round could yet find the opportunity to waste away hours of their lives on the diversion after its inventor indicated it could make a comeback.

The annoyingly addictive mobile game, which includes guiding a bird between sets of green funnels, was discharged in 2013.

On the other hand, it vanished from cell phones as far and wide as possible in February after its Vietnam-based engineer Dong Nguyen pulled it from application stores.

Identifying with Rolling Stone Magazine, Nguyen declined to preclude Flappy Bird flying again later on.

‘I’m thinking of it,’ he said, however cautioned that any future form of the will accompany a cautioning. ‘Enjoy a reprieve,’ he included.

Identifying with Forbes a month ago, he said: ‘Flappy Bird was intended to play in no time flat when you are loose.

‘Anyway it happened to turn into an addictive item.

‘I think it has turned into an issue.

‘To tackle that issue, its best to bring down Flappy Bird.’

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