Global Internet Could Crash in next 48 hours

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) hints that Internet users around the world may experience network connection failure on Thursday.

According to ICANN, The main domain servers and related infrastructure controlling the web will be powered down for some time.

ICANN which is responsible for maintaining the registry of domain names and IP Addresses will be changing the cryptographic key that helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS).

Accrdoing Communication Regulation Authority (CRA) Statement followed up “To further clarify, some internet users might be affected if their network operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not prepared for this change. However, this impact can be avoided by enabling the appropriate system extensions”.

Global Internet Could Crash in next 48 hours
Global Internet Could Crash in next 48 hours

ICANN has already carried out some preliminary tests that showed the key replacement process would create minimal problems.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTCL users might face downtime, As PTCL is never prepared for any change.

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