Google chrome gets Updated, Redesigned

Google Chrome got updated today totally new redesigned  New Tab.

The company said that the new look was going to be rolled out to Chrome stable users (the default download for the general public), and as of today, that staged rollout is beginning to wrap up. In other words, if you haven’t gotten the updated look already, then you will very soon.

These changes are a long time coming. Google has been testing a New Tab page and other features since last December. Initially, the company did away with the eight links to your most-visited websites which appear as thumbnails on Chrome’s New Tab page. Instead, it offered just four links and a big Google Search box. But that particular move proved to be very unpopular. With the latest update, Google responded to feedback by bringing back all eight tabs. HTC Butterfly 2

Google Chrome new

In addition, the company had earlier experimented with adding an “Apps” tab to the bookmarks bar, while removing the usual shortcuts to web apps from the Chrome Web Store from the second page of the New Tab page. This change, however, remains. The second page with all your Chrome Apps is now gone, replaced by the Apps button in the toolbar.

Also gone is the bottom menu you could click to quickly access your most recently closed tabs. Instead, you now have to click on the top-right menu (the icon with the three horizontal lines) to access this feature.

Google Chrome new

When your browser receives this latest update, you’ll know. Upon first launch, you’ll get a pop-up message announcing the changes, and you have to click an “Okay, got it” button to dismiss. This message can also be accessed again from the bottom-right blue link on the New Tab page that says “Chrome has updated.”

Finally, the New Tab page features Google+, Gmail and Images links at the top right alongside your Google+ notifications. And in another odd duplication, an Apps Tab is present here, as well.

Although the changes may be rolled out, or nearly rolled out, to all Stable users as of now.



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