Google finds problems in Apple Safari browser

According to a report by the Financial Times on Wednesday, Google researchers have found some security bugs in Safari, the browser included by Apple in its products.

Apple Safari
Apple’s Safari browser.

According to the report, Google researchers said that the security flaws allowed the browsing history of users to be tracked.

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These bugs or vulnerabilities were present in a tool in the browser, the main purpose of which was to protect privacy and could have allowed third parties to get access to sensitive information.

These bugs were reportedly disclosed to Apple last year in August and according to Apple the bugs reported by the Google researchers have been fixed.

An Apple spokesperson said that the bugs were fixed last year.

However, its surprising to even find out that Safari could have such issues and Apple not even be aware of them since Apple always claims that there is no better browser when it comes to privacy than its own Safari.

Safari by default stops websites from getting access to user location or even use cookies although these functions can be turned on individually by the user depending on their needs.

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