Google sued by Belgium Defense Ministry

The tech giant Google sued by the Belgium Defense Ministry over not blurring the satellite images of private military locations in its Maps. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

The Ministry spokesperson on Friday said,  “The Ministry of Defense will sue Google.”, without stating any details. According to the Ministry it had requested Google to blur out the images of locations such as military, air bases and nuclear sites but Google failed to comply. The Ministry said that it is concerned for National Security.

Although Google has complied with similar requests by different governments over the same concerns involving its mapping services.

According to a Google spokesperson in Belgium, Google has been closely working with the Ministry over these concerns for over 2 years. The Google Spokesperson said, ““It’s a shame the Belgium Department of Defense have decided to take this decision, we have been working closely with them for more than two years, making changes to our maps where asked and legal.”

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