GTA V Online Crashed After Epic Games Free Giveaway

Multiple players started reporting that GTA V Online crashed after they were unable to play the game. This appears to be related to the free giveaway of Grand Theft Auto V which is more commonly known as GTA V resulting in a surge of new players on the Rockstar servers.

GTA V Online crashed
GTA V Online crashed due to surge of new players following Epic Games free giveaway.

GTA V Online started experiences conectivity issues this morning as many players were unable to connect to the game. Down Detector had a surge in reports by users which included issues mainly related to connection problems.

Earlier Epic Games Store itself crashed when GTA V was first became available for free as there was a huge surge of people logging into their accounts to claim this highly popular title for free.

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Another problem being faced by GTA V Online users was related to their Social Club account verification as players were not receiving their verification email due to a high number of verification requests.

Rockstar Support confirmed the issue themselves tweeting:

We are aware of an issue resulting in Social Club account verification email delays and are actively working to resolve it. Players who have not received their account verification email after 4 hours should resubmit an email verification request.

Even now, many players are having trouble connecting and servers still appear to be down at this point. There is currently no information of when this problem will be resolved.

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