Pakistani Hacker known as H4$N4!N H4XOR Hacked , FATA Government’s official website, usually we don’t get to see, Pakistani Hackers – Attacking Pakistani Official sites but this was done to teach a lesson – Most of the people must be wondering why?

Patriot Hacker did this job, so Site Admin Authorities or Government officials make the proper arrangements regarding Security on the Cyber Space – This site wasn’t secure at and before anyone else hacks it – Pakistani Hacker did that by giving a message on the site to SECURE THE SITES

URL Below :-


Since The Cyber warfare is very common Pakistni Hackers wants ensure that the officials sites are being monitored and secured but unfortunately what it appears, Hackers are more active then Pakistani Government Officials.

A friendly Hacking ! to warn someone about something isn’t harmful at all but to send out the message to careless people. Hope they are going learn some lesson this time and secure their websites in future.




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