Hexanus Rom for Qmobile Noir A900

So guys here is a new treat for A900 users … A new Rom by the INCPAK  team for QMobile Noir A900 based on android kitkat 4.4.3…

Qmobile Noir A900 is a Quad-core beast and due to its retina display , this aesthetically awesome looking rom looks more appealing …


Features :-

1. Android 4.4.3

2. Two launchers pre-installed (Atom and GNL)

3. Scientific calculator

4. Google camera

5. 4-6 hrs screen on time

6. Smooth (NO lag)

7. Good performance

8. Aesthetically beautiful

9. CPU control

10.Night mode

11.Viper4android built in


13.Themed calender

14.Themed sms app

15.New bootanimation


Screenshots :-

 Hexanus Rom

Screenshot_2014-10-22-19-36-50 Screenshot_2014-10-22-19-36-59 Screenshot_2014-10-22-19-37-21

Screenshot_2014-10-22-19-43-03 Screenshot_2014-10-22-19-48-36 Screenshot_2014-10-22-23-22-42

Screenshot_2014-10-22-23-22-51 Screenshot_2014-10-23-13-10-18 Screenshot_2014-10-24-14-02-24


Bugs :-

1. Battery icon isnt themed….. :-P


Download link :-



NOTE :  INCPak Team is not liable for any damage to your phone or any mistake by you, The Rom is tested before sharing publicly .


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  1. Tired Flashing this Rom on my A900. my phone is rooted but when ever i try to apply update from sdcard and select this zip it say error and update aborted..

  2. em using this rom from one month i just wana say that it is just owsme
    for my a900…… it gives a new life to my cell…. thanx to incpak
    #team :)

  3. Hello….!

    Sir! Indian Mobile Company Gionee’s Phone Elife E3 Is Same of Noir A900 So My Question Is That Elife E3 Got Tge Official Update Of Kitkat Sir Would You Able To Port This For A900 If Yes So When Will You Port? (Sir Please Give Me Your Feedback)

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