Hi Os Rom for Infinix Note 3 Pro X601

INCPak bringing something good for Infinix NOTE 3 users. INCPak senior member Sir Syed Ahmed Ali Shah just ported HiOS ROM for Infinix Note 3 users. ROM link and instructions below:

Hi Os Rom for Infinix Note 3 Pro X601


14440947_10208740123518890_6337281677622203232_n 14445936_10208740124278909_8319264753973423919_n 14446167_10208740123038878_2236792300950502803_n 14457308_10208740125358936_2457424510173721883_n 14462944_10208740125678944_5932231083697850359_n 14469481_10208740123398887_4621142224142307437_n  14470509_10208740125878949_1246145865680768982_n 14502716_10208740123438888_473020158910249091_n 14502933_10208740125838948_7736149925500644542_n 14516385_10208740125038928_6279512438050500732_n 14519796_10208740124038903_8271998017055275349_n 14572242_10208740123078879_4601174927570525873_nOs


Hi Os Rom for Infinix Note 3

Download Link


Note : First boot may take 5 to 10 minutes, be patient ! 

 INCPak is not responsible for any damage to your phone, we have tested, checked and verified this rom before making it public. For technical discussion and assistance join INCPak Forum on facebook ! we are always there to help you out.


Credits  :- 

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah            Rom + Screenshots

Farhan Imaan Abro               Post

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  1. how to fix SD card corrupt option? while touch it a option of erase and format is come and when click on it its showing like formatting SD card but stuck on 20% and then show next option that your SD card is ready but when we click on OK suddenly the SD card corrupt option came back

  2. i sthis for infinix note 3 ? or infinix note 3 pro ? sir you confused me beacause first heading of the page is for infinix note 3 and then lik for note 3 pro ?

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