How to Fix SD Card and Flash Drive Instantly

SDFormatter by SD Association is a great tool to fix some of the problems that occur with SD card and USB flash drives. Instead of buying a new one it is worth it to give this a shot and see if it helps. It fixes many common problems that people have and end up throwing away the SD card or Flash Drive

There is a very high chance that this tool will help to fix the following problems :

  • SD card not being detected by phone but it is being detected on your computer/laptop.
  • SD card is showing as damaged on phone and is not mounting.
  • You are getting error while copying files to SD card.
  • SD card is making your phone lag.
  • SD card is working fine in phone but not being read by computer/laptop
  • Flash drive sometimes malfunctions and sometimes works properly. (try reinserting the flash drive and when it works properly use this tool then to fix problems for future use.
  • Flash Drive causing computer to hang.
  • Flash Drive not being formatted by system.
  • Unable to utilize full space on Flash Drive.

If you are facing any of the following problems download this tool from and install.


The layout is very simple

SD card

After launching the program simply plug in the USB Flash Drive or SD card and it will show up there automatically:

SD card

After that you just click “Format” and click “OK”to start:SD card

It is better that after finishing you select the “OPTIONS” and set format type to “FULL [Erase]” and run the tool one more time.

SD card

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