How to improve smartphone battery timings ?

Battery drainage problems are arising as smartphones are getting bigger and powerful in terms of speed. Phones with big displays and Quad core processors mostly have the battery issues because cell phones are not focusing over improving battery life. So today i will be giving some tips to make phone battery last longer .

    • Dim the screen brightness : Either put your phone on Auto brightness saves a lot but for those users that doesn’t have light sensors in their smartphone have to manually set the brightness to the lowest iPhone-brightness_thumb
    • Keep Screen time out short : every second is important keeping the screen timeout to up-to 2 mins will quickly drain battery consider reducing it to minimum of 30 or 1 minute.Android-Sleep_thumb

  • Turnoff Bluetooth/Wifi : keeping Bluetooth/WiFi continuously On  decreases the battery life as the radio is constantly searching for nearby devices/hot-spots keeping it off when not in use saves about an hour .iOS-6-Bluetooth-Wi-Fi
  • GPS : another big battery sucker that receives signal from global network of satellites to give your phone location on earth. Various app uses GPS to track your locations. So as a user try not to giving the access to some apps that track your location saves battery .
  • Don’t leave background apps running: Multitasking the ability to run more than one app at a time, its a powerful feature but burn a lot of battery. Try using task killers and turn on the Auto Task killer option that kills the background apps at different intervals.
  • Vibrate feature : Avoid using vibrate feature instead prefer to use ringtones. The vibrator is a small motor that shakes the whole phone on incoming call or notification, this process consumes a lot.
  • Turn off Unnecessary notifications : Try turning off the Unnecessary notification that blinks the LED’s on top of your phone as its consumes a lot of energy.
  • Use power saving apps like Advance mobile care, Juice defender, Go power Master etc

That’s all for now these small tweaks overall makes the battery last longer, hope you like it.  


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