How to make Windows XP look like Windows 7 – Transformation Pack

Windows Seven Transformation Pack for Windows Xp is one of the thing which you gonna love it. It gives a terrific and a mind boggling look. It will also give some of the gadgets and features as same in Windows 7. This Transformation Pack will change most of the things like Icons, Toolbar, Log-in window, Themes and lots more. So with some reason you are not able to install Windows 7 on your computer or it is not compatible but you want to have its stylish look then this is the best option for you.

How To Install It?

You can download the Windows 7 Transformation Pack. The size of this software is near about 35.3 Mb.

1. After downloading we will get the zipped file with the name 7TP51, so we have to extract it first.

2. Now Double-click on the Seven Transformation Pack 5.1 icon which we got after the extraction.
3. Then click on the Next option.
3. Click on I accept the terms in the License Agreement and once again click on Next option.
4. After that you have to click on the Next option three times and at last click on the Transform option.
5. At last, just click on the Finish option.
6. Now just Restart the computer.
After completing the above steps, Windows Seven Transformation Pack will be successfully installed on your PC and you will see a new look after restarting the computer.
Do It On Your Own Risk!
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