How to turn Facebook profile into emotions ?

Few days back Facebook has launched emotion for PC users also while, previously the emotion were only limited for smartphone phone users.

Facebook has added stickers support to its web chat, carrying the jumbo emotions over from the mobile apps to the desktop interface. The popular images – which some IM users love, while others find them infuriating – have been featured in Facebook’s mobile chat service for some time, but have quietly been added to conversations in the desktop browser.Facebook-Stickers-2

The oversized images – which range from larger versions of traditional emotions  through to huge cartoon characters – are found in the existing emoticons pane in the IM interface. However, they’re not yet available to all users, it seems; the company is apparently rolling support out progressively.

Eventually, though, there’ll be support for downloading extra “packs” of stickers. A basket icon will take users to the stickers “store” of sorts, while the different tabs in the interface will allow them to switch between the various packs they have.

Lets start with how to change Facebook profile pictures into emotions ?

  • You can create teeny-weeny, adorable emoticons from anyone’s Facebook profile pic.emot7
  • You can make mini people emoticons from personal accounts.emot5
  • To make a profile pic emotion for chat, go to the Facebook profile page of the person or brand.
  • Look for the personalized part of the URL; you’ll need to copy the relevant part (highlighted in examples)emot6
  • If an individual has claimed his or her personalized URL, you need to copy that exactly. If their URLs have random number strings
  • To create the profile pic emoticon in chat, paste the personalized part of the URL and surround it in double box brackets like [[this]].capture-20130704-144113capture-20130704-144145

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