HTC 10 underrated classic smartphone still worth in 2018

HTC 10  is the last souvenir of HTC series started with HTC One (M7) with unibody aluminum design, clean front, sloping curves and powerful hardware, continuing that trend HTC 10 is built similarly considering all major qualities and standards.

HTC 10 Pros

  • Iconic design
  • Fantastic version of Android
  • Great audio quality
  • Best selfie camera
  • Really fast charging


HTC 10 Cons

  • Camera not impressive
  • Boomsound not great
  • Slight bugs still in a system

htc 10

HTC 10 launched in 2016 with influential specs equipped with Snapdragon 820 quad-core chipset backed by 4Gb of ram and Adreno 530 GPU, but with all these hi-fi specs it remained under cover due to HTC poor marketing.

With an attractive looking smartphone the metal body feels nicer in hands and the huge chamfer along the back is a very unique touch that I wish HTC wasn’t so quick to get rid of.

The front of the phone is completely clean and free from any logos or branding, which is how it should always be with any smartphone.

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The display is 5.2 having a resolution of 1440*2560 pixels and massive 565 ppi. The display ratio is not like the 2018’s 18:9 but the older 16:9 and 71.1% screen-to-body ratio.

The HTC 10’s camera isn’t bad, but the use of UltraPixel tech, which instructs the camera to capture bigger pixels and more light, works a little too well.

Photos taken in even temperately bright lighting conditions are regularly washed out and have unwanted flare effects. In daylight, the pictures are good and crisp.

Like olden days HTC’s phones were equipped with boom sound was missing in HTC 10 but with headphones on music sounds well as HTC 10 uses a dedicated DAC as well as headphone amp and it claims the 10’s amp is twice as powerful as competing phones.

Battery life has slightly declined, but not as much as expected. The HTC 10 still easily continues a full day off on one single charge over moderate usage, but if you play games watch videos on it then it might not last for longer periods.

In the gaming section, HTC 10 is able to run pretty much all games as its equipped with the powerful chipset and sufficient ram so no need to talk much about it.

Lastly, HTC 10 device receives the HTC Advantage FREE  100GB of additional Google Drive storage.

HTC and Google have announced free 100 GB Google Drive storage for select Android-based devices.

These select HTC Android device owners can enjoy free 100 GB Google Drive storage for about two years from the day of redeeming it.

Google has clarified that the free 100 GB Google Drive storage office is available only to select HTC devices and one time per Google account.

HTC 10 Video Review in Urdu


Price in Pakistan used device is In between 16-18k depending on conditions.

Full Specification:

 htc 10


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