Huawei wants Google apps submitted to its AppGallery

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei wants Google Apps submitted to its AppGallery by the company since it can’t use these apps on its smartphones ever since the US government put the company on its Entity List.

Huawei Google Apps AppGallery
Huawei wants Google Apps submitted to its AppGallery.

Huawei has been working hard to populate its AppGallery store especially for its flagship phones like the Huawei P40 Pro and the company now wants Google Apps to be a part of it.

However, since the company can no longer work with US businesses it can only use Android as an open source project and that does not come included with Google services and now the company wants Google App to be submitted to its AppGallery store just like Google submits them to the Apple’s App Store.

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Huawei Chairman Eric Xu told CNBC that the ban as resulted in a huge loss for the company especially because of the software on Huawei smartphones. According to him, the lack of Google services doesn’t really matter in China however, it is extremely important in other parts of the world in order to sell its smartphones.

In order to overcome that challenge, Huawei wants Google Apps submitted to its AppGallery Store by the company itself as Huawei Chairman said:

We hope Google services can be available through our AppGallery, just like how Google services are available through Apple’s App Store.

If this happens, it will be highly beneficial for the company and might end up bringing other developers on board following in the footsteps of Google but the problem is that Google doesn’t really submit its apps anywhere except for the Apple’s App Store.

Google Apps are available on the Samsung Galaxy Store but Samsung smartphones already come with Google Play Store so that doesn’t really count. Another example could be Amazon devices and its App Store that lacks Google services. It was one of the major reasons for the failure of the Amazon Fire Phone as even though it came with an Android based OS it lacked the Play Store and Google services.

Right now, there is no telling whether this can even happen since the problem still stands that Google isn’t allowed to do business with Huawei because the company is on the Entity List and that means the company won’t be able to submit its apps on the Huawei AppGallery.

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