INCPak Forum back on Facebook

INCPak Forum is once again active on the Facebook, keeping our visitors request to attend queries regarding Smartphones and Information which we publish on , we’ve made these changes.

Previously INCPak Forum was hosted on and on Facebook INCPak Clinic now both merged into one Forum

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What’s the purpose of INCPak Forum ? 

We been helping our visitors not only by publishing posts , reviews , making downloads available but the our uniqueness is that we interact with our visitors, we sort out the technical issues, INCPak Team members are all active on Facebook, which gives full advantage to Group Members to interact directly, submit the query and get instant reply.

Together not only INCPak Team members but the visitors has made INCPak an Iconic website, representing Technology and Information from Pakistan.

INCPak Team

Selective indiviuals are the part of INCPak Team, Those who understand how to make this possible for others and help them out. We all believe in Unity as well as Sharing is Caring, We are proud to say that, INCPak Website and INCPak Team been the pioneer and still holding it’s title of being the one and only website from Pakistan.

The Discussions about the gadgets, source of Information, Interaction , Sharing the latest development, INCPak has proven that, we deliver the best !

Facebook ” Social Networking ” website holds the majority of the users, we experienced in the past that INCPak Clinic made it’s place that’s why we are back on the main stream to Interact with our visitors, meet there requests and answer the queries.

INCPak is stepping into the future, with Web development and we are welcoming, Android / iOs Developers to be part of INCPak. 

All the web related updates will be published on INCPak Forum.

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