INCPak site is being attacked – Updated

UPDATED : INCPak site is fully functional, it wasn’t hard enough to trace the thugs and we’ve taken action against, soon we’ll be exposing who were they and what’s going on the Internet these days which is very important for everyone.

I Personally have no respect for those who don’t have respect for humanity, INCPak been the only unbiased independent news source, neither we are associated with any organisation nor we are favoring anyone, we report just what it is. Some of our daily visitors mind my abusive language – I just wanted to say that this message wasn’t for those who knows us well but to whom it may concern, so kindly don’t take anything personally we are publishing and posting, we’ll continue just the way we been in the past. rest the message below is still there for the fellaow enemies  not for the friends and well wishers

– For the constant 2 hours, yet anonymous hackers kept running DDos on the back end which caused the server down issue. I wanted to send clear message to THEM if anyone mess with INCPak that means you are not the Son Of this Soil Pakistan and as the Information retrieve who you were which surely we will then just wait and watch !

INCPak Site is having loading issue we’ll be resuming as soon as possible ! but we won’t stay silent and bare it.


To the Frequent visitors I apologies for using abusive language, next time you won’t read here and thanks I appreciate your concern !

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  1. That's really condemendable……. But we should not lose temper and avoid using words like FU…… which donot look on very good social website like INCPAK

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