Instagram introduces Co-Watching Feature and new COVID-19 stickers

The photo and video sharing social media platform has introduced new features including their Instagram Co-Watching feature amid coronavirus outbreak to help people stay connected and observe social distancing.

One of the features introduced is called the Co-Watching Feature which has been introduced in an effort to encourage social distancing and help users stay connected with their friends and family.

Instagram introduces new features including their Co-Watching feature along with new stickers like Stay Home amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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What this feature does is allows users to view Instagram posts together over a video chat. Users can start the video chat in the Direct inbox by tapping the video chat icon and they can also access the new feature though an existing direct thread.

After starting the video chat all they need to do is tap on the bottom left corner to view saved, liked or suggested photos and videos and view them over video chat with friends and family.

Apart from this new feature, Facebook owned Instagram has also introduced COVID-19 themed stickers to let users share information like reminders to wash hands and observe social distancing.

Stay Home sticker introduced by Instagram amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instagram is also working with the World Health Organization and other health experts to provide coronavirus related details on the top of the Instagram feed for all users globally and will have the option to access more authenticated information.

Instagram said it a blog post:

Over the past few weeks we’ve added a notice at the top of feed for countries affected by COVID-19. The notice includes reliable resources from expert health organisations. In addition, we’ve been highlighting resources from these organisations when people view related hashtags,

The photo and video sharing platform is also working towards moderating posts and stories with false information about the coronavirus by down ranking or removing them together with prohibiting ads for products related to COVID-19 like medical supplies including face masks.

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