Instructions to fix JB Zip error POST

Update: No need for it now. This was only for people who downloaded the rom on first day.

Those who are facing error 6 issue while flashing for now. I apologize that there was a small error in one of files. I am uploading that small file, download it and replace in that in zip. After flash it that zip. Follow these steps:

1) Download winrar and this  Google Link Download 


2) Install winrar.

3) Open in winrar and Double click META-INF folder,



2) Double click com folder.



3) Double click google folder
4) Double android folder
5) Finally drag and drop the downloaded updater-script file here
6) Flash the zip file as usual. Again we apologize for all of this.
The Actual Zip will be uploaded and replaced for further errors.
those who want to discuss it can join on Direct
Facebook Chat Room Sharing Is Caring  or via Chat Now app we’ll be there to assist you online.
INCPak Team
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