Moeed Ahmad did the successful test of Lewa OS 4.0 on his Qmobile Noir A9 , Most of the Android users are not aware of LeWa OS 4.0 which can be ported easily the User Interface is different but before anything I wanted to share the Lewa’s information than Benchmark Test Results.

Company Overview: Our company “Lewatek” was founded in April 2011. We focus on the modifications for cell phones operating systems based on the Android platform.

At the very beginning when we established our company, we got angel investment from the Green Pine capital partners. Our team is very experienced in smart phone researching and user experience designing. Right now, we provide many ROMs for Android cell phone users, and we would like to improve it with everyone who uses it.

Our products had been accepted by varieties of chip manufacturers, cell phones design houses, ODM integration service providers, Chinese brand marketers and cell phone companies. We are looking forward to provide the best Android operation system and services.

General information: We are trying to port Lewa OS for many mobile phones running Android, and we usually release a new version of it for each model every Friday.


Now Here’s the Benchmark Results of LeWa Os 4.0 ICS on QMobile Noir A9 , Tested Succesfully.


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