M1 powered MacBook Air (2020) outperforms current 16-inch Pro

Apple just introduced their own M1 chip powered MacBook Air (2020) which might seem identical to the previous model but carries a complete overhaul under the hood ditching the Intel processor for the company’s own silicon.

MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Air, Apple, M1 MacBook
M1 powered MacBook Air (2020) outperforms current 16-inch Pro.

The new MacBook Air (2020) is powered by Apple’s own M1 chip which the company claims is faster than other laptops in its class including 98 percent of PC laptops sold last year while being much more power efficient than ever.

The latest MacBook Air is capable of up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing or up to 18 hours of video playback according to the company while the low powered M1 chip runs so cool that the laptop doesn’t require a cooling fan, making it one of the more silent machines on the market in its class.

Price and Availability

Apple announced that the new MacBook Air (2020) will start shipping out to customers from 16th November and will carry the following price tags and configurations:

$999 / £9998-core M1, 8GB/256GB, 7-core GPU, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD
$1,249 / £1,2498-core M1, 8GB/512GB, 8-core GPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD

MacBook Air (2020) outperforms current 16-inch Pro

The very first benchmarks of the M1 chip inside the new MacBook Air is available on Geekbench and according to the single core score of 1687, the new laptop outperforms all current models of the 16-inch Pro variant and even the iMac 27-inch with an Intel Core-i9 10910 while it still holds its own with a multi-core score of 7433.

Take a look at look at the following screenshot for a better understanding of all these scores or visit the Geekbench site for more details.

MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Air, Apple, M1 MacBook
Geekbench scores.

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