This year has been full of security issues when it comes to tech companies and internet giants especially Facebook. Twitter is not far behind since Twitter on Friday posted urging users to update their app since a major Twitter security vulnerability was fixed in its Android app. According to the company, a malicious code was inserted into its app by someone that would have allowed the person to access to private account information include the ability to send and read tweets and private messages as well. Twitter says that information of some users all around the world might have been compromised.

Twitter did make a blog post saying:

Prior to the fix, through a complicated process involving the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter app, it may have been possible for a bad actor to access information (Direct Messages, protected Tweets, location information) from the app,

Twitter however says that it cannot confirm whether the malicious code was inserted or even exploited any Twitter security due to lack to direct evidence but it does’t want to take a chance and it might be a possibility.

Twitter says that the issue has been fixed and they are notifying people that might have been affected through this vulnerability saying:

We have taken steps to fix this issue and are directly notifying people who could have been exposed to this vulnerability either through the Twitter app or by email with specific instructions to keep them safe

The email twitter sent to people that might have been affected said:

We’re sorry this happened and will continue working to keep your information secure on Twitter,

According to the company, the major Twitter security vulnerability was only present in the Android app and that iOS devices remained unaffected.

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