Apple Mac Pro set costs 9.3 million Pakistani Rupees

The new Apple Mac Pro is available for order on Apple’s site and although it starts off at $5,999, it goes up to $53,249 for a completely maxed out version of the computer and that is without any additional add-on like a mouse or a display.

Adding in those things cost extra bringing the total to a whopping $60,445 which translates to 9.3 million Pakistani Rupees for a completely maxed out set including a display, Apple’s mouse and keyboard and their editing software that include Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro which to be honest are needed if you’re buying an Apple system this expensive as we all know that’s Apple’s own software goes best with it’s hardware so it’s safe to assume that in order to take full advantage of the hardware, it’s gonna be worth it to spend a few hundred dollars more and get their editing software too.

Apple Mac Pro Cost
Apple’s Mac Pro with Apple Display XDR.

The price tag for the Apple Mac Pro may be expensive but it does have impressive specs to go with it. Here are the specs for what you’re getting for $60,445.

Apple Mac Pro specs include:

Apple Mac Pro
Maxed out Mac Pro Cost on Apple’s site.

As you can see, the hardware in the Apple Mac Pro is impressive based on the specs. It includesa 2.5GHz Xeon W processor with 28-cores, 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC memory that alone costs $25,000.

The Apple Mac Pro that we configured with the maxed out specs that Apple currently offers has 2 Radeon Vega Pro Duo with 32GB of memory each costing us an extra $10,800 compared to the base version with the Radeon Pro 580X. Apple does mention that they will add Radeon Pro W5700X to the option as well including an option for two Radeon Pro W5700X just our current configuration with 2 Radeon Vega Pro but the price for the Radeon Pro W5700X is still not confirmed on their site.

It also includes 4TB of SSD storage and according to their site, Apple will soon offer 8TB of storage as well. Apple afterburner card.

Stainless steel frame for the Apple Mac Pro with wheels which cost $400 extra compared to getting it with just feet which is included in the frame. The $400 price tag for the wheel looks absurd but like we all know, Apple does charge a little extra for just stuff just like the Apple stand for their display which is sold separately for $999.

The Apple Mac Pro in our configuration also includes their Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 along with their Magic Keyboard.

The software added to this whole package include their Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X which cost us an extra $299 and $199 respectively.

All of this brings the total to $53,249.98 as you can see in the screenshot above. Adding AppleCare+ as mentioned in the screenshot will cost an extra $299 but for now, we won’t be including this in our total.

Add-on includes to complete the set is an Apple Display XDR with Nono-texture glass for $5,999, it’s stand sold separately for $999 and the VESA mount adapter to attach the stand which is sold separately for $199 bringing the total for the Apple Display to $7,197.

All of this brings the total of Apple Mac Pro with Apple’s editing sofware, their magic mouse and magic trackpad, magic keyboard and Apple’s Display together with the stand and attacments, to a total of $60,444.98 and that in Pakistan currency is 9.3 million rupees.

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