MCB Bank’s Official Site Hacked

Muslim Commercial Bank ‪‎MCB‬ Official Site Has Been Hacked by Xploiter and Dr.Freak Pakistani Hackers, These two Hackers already Hacked various Pakistani Banks Official sites recently, just a couple of days back Allied Bank site was hacked after which, I thought other Private Banks would do something about their web security but I guess whatever they did, wasn’t enough at all.

Just a while back around 3:30 AM PST, MCB official Site hacked and they have left a message for them. mcb


This puts all other local private banks web security on stake, because MCB claims to have one of the most advanced security system, Yet I have no feedback why constantly both Hackers are Hacking Banking Sites, but it clearly pops one question in my mind does it affect Online Banking? Specially those who are Logged on to MCB site? If yes then it’s a moment to get worried because If the site can be hacked which hold valuable information and database, what’s not possible?

Online Transactions and Online Accounts which MCB Mobile Banking allows? how secure are they. I think Clients must ask this Question from the Bank representatives. The tradition of Hacking Banking Sites started from Israeli owned ( Citi Bank ) when Pillar of Defense mission laid on Gaza Palestine – Nearly around 600 million were stolen from it, damaged Israels  Cyber Space not just this site but almost all the official brands Jews owns like Coca Cola , MacDonald  etc.. Saying we won’t stop until they don’t stop bombing GAZA, guess what Israel backed off

Hackers usually do not hack without any motive, even the there was some news hovering on social sites about FIA looking for these hackers, trying to trace them but guess who detected that and trolled on Social Media ( Hackers themselves ) This really puts the Question mark on the Cyber Security and the clients, I would advise them to consult MCB bank officials about how secure their Mobile and Online Banking is, after knowing this accident.

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