mGadgets : Redefining Electronics Distribution in Pakistan

 mGadgets Founded by Mohammad Khanani in 2012, mGadgets has made its name shine in the global mobile technology market in as little time as two years. mGadgets dedication and devotion has made it possible to serve its customers at very low and reasonable costs with our innovative solutions. mGadgets on one hand keeps the requirements of the customers in its minds but also keeps the global and environmental issues at high priority such as global warming. mGadgets is high-tech and  Eco-Friendly Mobile accessories and solution providers. Serving the need of people.

 A company committed to push the boundaries of technology. mGadgets humbly began as a single outlet retail company, over the time it has grown into a global distribution company which is representing 15 global brands and works unofficially with innumerable partners.

 At its core mGadgets is an Eco-friendly entity hoping to contribute as much as possible to help reduce global warming. To advocate our mission, in January 2014 expanding our vision we established a mobile phone recycling division which purchases used phone devices around the world. Mission was to make these devices workable and affordable, These mobile sets are properly inspected, graded and after proper scrutiny they are shipped to developing countries. The lowered prices of phones makes them attractive for every strata of society to purchase and enjoy a smartphone.

 mGadgets works around the clock to enhance the quality, customer support to curtail the costs to deliver more efficiently to store owners and consumers, which ultimately helps us achieve our dream of smarter and more interactive world.

 Originally founded as a retail company, slowing economy led to restructure as distribution and wholesale company. In the summer of 2014 the company once again decided to enter retail by introducing a chain of stores under the banner of Bytes. Unlike others Bytes is committed and obligated to provide top notch customer support and warranty with every phone set. Bytes comes with competitive prices with amazing warranty for these used phones. As an Eco-Friendly partners we recommend and encourage that our customers buy a recycled phones and make it a tranquil experience.

mGadgets keeping in mind that Pakistan is a home of flourishing mobile market and that the lion’s share of middle class is unable to enjoy the expensive high end mobile devices. To quench the thirst for latest mobile technology of this middle class mGadgets focused on further enhancement by adding phone accessories under the name of Elements Protection, started off in February 2014 introducing high end smartphones accessories and retails them at very appealing lower prices to the customers. mGadgets has let its name spread through the word of mouth rather than high budgeted marketing enabling us to further reduce cost and pass this cost savings to the consumers.

mGadgets are the official distributors of various international brands in Pakistan which include Bling My Thing Berlin, Melkco, French technology company Sen.Se, XtremeMac,  InnerExile and you can already find their products at various online and physical stores proudly distributed by mGadgets. Elements Protection sen.seinner excileBling my thingXtremeMac




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