MIUI for Qmobile V5 Teaser

Miui V5 one of the most wanted rom is now available for Qmobile Noir V5 , INCPak Team member Syed Ahmed Ali Shah is now nailing one after another Roms for Noir V5.

To know the Miui features you better check out here. http://en.miui.com/features.php

Sharing the screenshots because still the Rom is being tested, once it’s clear  ” Bug Free ” we’ll upload the rom for all to download from INCPak.


MIUI for Qmobile V5  Screenshots

Miui stands as one of the rich quality rom for android devices, with several interesting features, looks more like iOs but as you can see the above screenshot,  Miui got something special for the Music Listeners Viper4Android as well the RAM consumption of this Rom is very low as compared to any other.

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah is Currently testing Miui for Qmobile Noir V5 , so the additional information only he can provide in detail.

This Post is shared on INCPak Forum as well so the technical discussion and Android geeks can continue debating :P

Your feedback ” Comments are highly valuable so don’t forget to share your comments with us about this rom ” Support INCPak hopefully MIUI will be available by the end of this week.

Credits :- 


Screenshots      by      Syed Ahmed Ali Shah 

Post                         by      Farhan Imaan Abro 




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  1. Qmobile Noir V5 Stock ROM urgently requires, at least please help us on this on…give your fans a little favor ;)

  2. I mistakenly flashed a wrong recovery.img file on my noir v5, the image was for noir a10…I know it sounds dumb but it was a mistake. Now my device has no recovery at all. I request you to help me on this one, please sir help me on this one as I’ve messed up my device. I need noir v5’s stock recovery.img.

  3. whaaaaat!!!…how could you guys just drop it off…I mean you guys are geniuses and a few software bugs defeated you :(

  4. The date on this post is June, 26 2014 and the last words by FIA are “hopefully MIUI will be available by the end of this week”. I check this thread for Four to Five times a day hoping that the ROM would be available by now, but every time I get nothing but disappointment. YUNOS 2.7.2 FOR Qmobile V5 TEASER is also not available for download yet. The ROM is being held for being buggy but please guys we can’t wait anymore. Please Please Please upload the ROM now and when you have bugs removed upload the Updates then.

  5. aahh!…this is a true relief man. I’ve been looking for a custom rom for my noir v5 for a long time and now finally it’s here. Please sir let me know when and where I can download this piece of art. I also want CWM recovery for noir v5. Thanks allot and keep up the good work ;)

      1. Thank you sir for your support. There is one more thing, the device’s default recovery won’t let me flash anything. I’ve tried to flash the independence day boot animation by INCPak.com and some other mods available at xda and each time it says “installation aborted”. I request for a custom recovery for the device. Thank You.

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