MIUI V5 4.4.30 For QMobile Noir A8 Screenshots and Download Link


The Wait is over ! added Download link and more screenshots …

Finally the INCPak Team member Zain Nadeem is currently testing MIUI V5  4.4.30 for QMobile Noir A8, People still using QMobile Noir A8 and they want more Roms, I am sure they will love this one as well.

INCPak Team shared several Roms since April 2013, Zain Nadeem is currently keeping QMobile Noir A8 alive :)

Currently Miui V5 is being tested and it will shared right here after testing gets done.

INCPak is not liable for any damage or mistake !  DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK ! 

For Technical Assistance kindly refer to INCPak Forum www.incpak.net 

Download Link 


Check the Screenshots 

Miui V5 4.4.30


miui benchmark













After the Testing gets over, Miui  V5 4.4.30 will be shared here on this same post. You all will be able to download, Zain hasn’t shared any information related to the bugs found or the benchmark tests but this Rom appears stable.

For The Technical Assistance you can join INCPak Forum ( www.incpak.net ) and discuss about the issues you are facing, our INCPak Team Moderators are always helping out while your support is very important to us. by Liking our INCPak Facebook Page and Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page , we are almost on all social networks if you search us on Google.

Credits :-

Rom & Screenshots     – Zain Nadeem

Post                                   – Farhan Imaan



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  1. i am getting an error while installing any app.. i have done data factory reset. removed cache , cleared date.. but still not working.. please help.

    Unknown error code during application install: “-110”

  2. hello.. i just installed this version.. and i am in a big trouble…. nothing is working.. everything i try to open.. it gives error.. com.android.bla.bla stopped working…
    nothing is opening.. please help me.. what to do now.

  3. seriously.. are you kidding with us ? how could your ram be 768 mb..it comes with only 512mb ram.. so how did you do that ? its so confusing…

  4. hey i install the rom but now i cant restore my old data because there is no backup app in this rom,, please help

  5. 1) before conect to pc both storage ok but after connect to pc as storage device mobile not auto mount a phone storage.so reboot for mount the internal storage.plz give me a it,s Fix pack.
    2) Bluetooth not working and not pair with other.but i already have BT FIX pack so its ok.

  6. when i connect to pc drives shown on PC but after disconnect mobile not auto mount a sdcard .so again reboot.

  7. Salam to ALL!!
    i want to download this ROM but i got an error “THE DRIVE IS CURRENTLY UNREACHABLE”
    any body help me.. plz

  8. Pls share the installation steps, its seems to either have disappeared, or i fail to find them. Thanks in advance.

  9. Can anybody help me with the installation instructions, cuz I am unable to find it on this page. Thanks in advance.

      1. I have am already using INCPak Forum there is not thread for the installation instruction for this ROM MIUI 4.4.3. Kindly please share the link if it is there.

  10. I updated my mobile with this ROM and it was successful but when it starts first time it restarts after i unlock the screen
    Kindly help me

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